How many pounds (lbs) do you really need to lose?…..

How many pounds (lbs) do you really need to lose…

We know it’s at that time of year where you are thinking “sod it – I’ll wait till new year”

But now is the time people who look great ALL YEAR ROUND are really training HARD, eating well and reducing junk to the bare minimum.

  • The successful lean person is in the gym three, four, five times a week
  • The successful lean person is prepping meals and sticking to a plan
  • The successful lean person is trying to burn extra body fat by walking as much as they can
  • The successful lean person is hydrating and resting well

There is the accountability & motivation you needed. KNOWING there are people right now doing all of the above successful habits who look & feel great.

They know Christmas week will be upon us soon, they know they will lose a little bit of condition on Christmas week – but one week later they will have a tone, defined body back.

That should be the kick up the arse you need to keep you motivated for the next 8 weeks.

Need a little more accountability email back how many pounds you want to lose, I will personally check in 4 and 8 weeks’ time to keep you committed to your goals.  On your check ins if you’re struggling, I will individually help with any nutritional, training or mind-set issues you are having.

Fill in the blank “I want to lose ……………….. pounds/inches in 8 weeks”

All you need to do is copy and paste into an email & send your weight/inch loss goal to You will also need to like this email copy that I post on our Facebook page and comment “I’ve emailed you”

Let’s get lean, toned & defined before Christmas!


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