How many weeks does it take YOU to get into shape?

Doing a body transformation is roller coaster of emotions that needs to be control.
This is because we all want the lean, athletic, toned body and we wanted it last week!

The people who FAIL at body transformations go all in and weight train 5 times a week, just eat chicken & broccoli, going running any spare minute they have. This is usually due to leaving getting in shape to the last minute.

Whether it’s a holiday, birthday party, wedding, Christmas party and want to look “ripped”.

This “all in” for the short term (1 month or two max) is not sustainable & the inevitable food binge and lack of exercise will be back before you know it.

From personal experience and training hundred if not thousands of people, the SUCCESSFUL persons trains and eats for the long term.

Yes, the person who goes for the long run sees slower results but they are always progressing forwards. Eventually seeing better results than the “all in” group.

What we should all be doing, is to be a few weeks away of being in great shape.  You should never stay too far away from your ideal body shape. This way we can drop calories a little and add an extra few training sessions and you will be beach ready in 4-6 weeks’ time.

What I’m trying to say is don’t stray too far away from your ideally body shape (especially with Christmas around the corner), this way you will be much more content with yourself all year round.


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