Fruit and carbs are your allies

Let’s get things straightened out.

Fruit is not bad for you nor is it fattening!

Whilst we are at it – carbs are also not fattening!


Both have an important part to play in fat loss, recovery and fuel for training sessions.


On the flip side of the coin, carbohydrates such as fruit are not “free foods” where you can eat as much as you want.


Fruit has an array of health benefits and deliver good nutrients to the body. However, you’ve got to earn your carbohydrates though intense weight training sessions.


If you don’t weigh train that day, there is no need to put a ton of extra fruit on top of your oats in the morning.


That’s just adding carbs to carbs!


However, If you have weight trained that day, fruit and oats would be a great recovery meal with a protein shake.


On days you don’t weight train – always start your day with protein and fats such as eggs, bacon, salmon, avocado etc.


This will make you feel a lot more alert as you start your day whilst naturally lowering calories.  Your other meals for that day can then include carbs such as rice, potatoes, quinoa….


Fruit has now got a bad rep for being fattening – ignore that! If you want an apple or banana go for it. Just don’t treat it as free unlimited food if your wanting to lose a few pounds of body fat.



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