My After-Holiday Fat Loss Plan

So, I had a mini break last week to get some sun and let my body & mind have a recovery break.

I didn’t do any weight training but kept active through walking and cycling.

This was in my plan and I made sure I WASN’T FEELING GUILTY about NOT going to the gym and allowed myself to eat a little more food.

Before I left, I had niggling aches in wrist, elbows and back which have all but disappeared from having a break.

I know I’ve increased my metabolism and I’ve got a huge enthusiasm to train hard again.

I have though gained some weight in the form of extra body fat and a lot of water retention, I’m sure you have experienced this weight gain when going on holiday.

So, what should you do with nutrition & training to drop this unwanted weight gain?

Try this simple but proven method I always use….

  • Firstly, I consume the same amounts (calories) & types of food as I was eating the weeks before I went on holiday.


  • I then match the amount of physical activity (calorie burn) I was doing the weeks before I went on holiday.


  • I then look to INCREASE my calories slowly (100-200kcal) each week from 2nd, 3rd, 4th week after holiday.

This method always works for me – I always end up dropping my extra weight (a little bit of body fat but mainly water retention) after a week or two. The increase of calories over the next few weeks keeps me training intensely and I seem to drop weight even more so.

This method allows you to enjoy your next holiday (or bad week over Christmas) and NOT FEEL GULITY about enjoying yourself.

Share this information for anyone who is going or has been away recently & struggles with extra weight gain.


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