3 steps to improve discipline when losing weight

Struggle to stick to a healthy eating plan?

Struggle to consistently train each week?

Struggle to turn down junk food and alcohol at weekends?

This is the one biggest complaint we see when trying people are trying to lose fat, build muscle or get fitter, stronger & healthier.

So how do you improve your discipline? Follow these 3 simple steps ;

STEP 1 – Take responsibility of your actions and STOP BLAMING everyone & everything else

You are the one who ultimately consumes extra junk food, skips training sessions, goes wild at weekends. Have a think back to what triggered the slips ups and make sure the next time you get that feeling – you nip it in the bud. Replace bad habits with a walk, training sessions, consume extra water.

STEP 2 – Make a goal and shout it from the roof tops

Set your goal, give it a time frame & make a plan. Set little reminders such as post it notes on your fridge, bathroom mirror, computer, phone (make as screen saver). Tell as many people as you can, they may forget but it will keep you accountable next time you decide to demolish a pack of biscuits.

STEP 3 – Buddy up with someone

Find someone that has the exactly goal as you. Make it a healthy competition to get there first or achieve the best results. You can train together to keep each other consistently turning up, you can share nutrition and recover ideas that will help you both get to your goals much faster.

Take these 3 simple steps and finally achieve the goal you have always been chasing by improving discipline.


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