Are you frightened to eat breakfast? 

A lot of people are scared or even ashamed to eat these days.

We often ask people what they consume and I get the feeling they feel embarrassed that they have had three meals.

It’s a common trend to say “I skipped breakfast”

I get it – if you eat less you lose weight, right?

Well yes at first you will see some initial weight loss, but inevitable all it leads to is late night binging due to calorie restriction early in the day.

Keep it simple

If you are training that day eat a breakfast with protein, fats & carbs such as oats, coconut milk and protein powder.

If you are not training that day just protein & fats such as scrambled egg and salmon.

If you still find this overwhelming and confusing…


You will feel more productive throughout the day and less likely to binge at in the evening. The fuel from your breakfast will also give you the energy to really push hard in your training sessions.
If you’re an early morning training person – be sure you make time after your work out to eat breakfast and don’t just head to straight to work.

If you make this a daily habit you WILL lose more weight in the long run!


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