Lose weight over Christmas without quitting booze 

It’s that time of year where inhibitions lower a bit! It’s safe to say that most people get caught up in the social side of drinking over the festive period!

We love to consume a little alcohol at parties and, why shouldn’t we?

We would be hypocrites to suggest as trainers that we don’t drink and are angels. We even arrange a Christmas Party every year to celebrate and get merry with members.

With our Christmas party being this weekend, I thought I would help people who are coming to our party and anybody who has lots of Christmas parties over the next few weeks.

I can assume you want to enjoy yourself but not pile on the pounds through excess alcohol consumption. Below are a few suggestions that could help you through the festive party period.

What we need to do is to try and swap out the high calorie drinks for lower calorie options.

  • Mulled wine (159kcal) for small glass one champagne (89kcal) saving 70kcal per drink
  • Rum and coke (170kcal) for rum and coke zero (97kcal) saving 73kcal per drink
  • Pint of Peroni (235kcal) for bottle lager (142kcal) saving 93kcal per drink
  • Alcopop (253 kcal) for gin and slim line tonic (115kcal) saving 138kcal

The average saving over these 4 example drinks is 94 kcal = same as a big chocolate digestive biscuit.

Small little tweaks can make a huge difference if you are going to be having a few drinks – but at the same time still enjoy yourself and be merry!


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