Do you always screw up in December? 

With December soon upon us, it’s going to be more difficult than normal to make your diet and training perfect.

There will be missed training sessions…

Skipped meals….

Poor food choices…..

Sore heads (a few from Saturday including mine ha)…

Stop looking at the individual mistakes that you believe are making you fail – we need to zoom out and look at the bigger picture of what we have done & what we know we can do.

This quote by Hottinger and Scholtz sums this up even better;

“Success becomes something you measure by consistency, over the long term, not perfection over the short-term.” Hottinger and Scholtz 2011

Try not to panic if you’ve overindulge or missed training sessions over the next few weeks.

Focus on making the next meal what it should be and plan/book your next training session.

All the training and eating well you have done this year will support you through this month of overindulging.


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