Enjoy yourself at Christmas and still lose weight 

Yes, it is possible to lose weight in December.

People often throw the towel in on 1st December thinking it’s impossible to lose weight/body fat over the next 4 weeks and will wait till new year.

December is viewed as a month that you HAVE to over indulge.

That is a justification to yourself to go wild because everyone else is. NOT TRUE.

The people who are in great shape for most of the year are now training CONSISTENTLY and nutrition is 90% perfect.

Their nutrition is based around lean protein such as chicken, turkey, eggs or fish with plenty of vegetables.

The person who gets in shape through December turns down the chocolates and mince pies at the office, and has their protein prepared snack they brought with them, such as handful of nuts, protein bar, boiled eggs.

4 weeks of over indulging WILL damage your results but a couple days on Christmas week will not, so enjoy Christmas day, Boxing day and your works Christmas party.

Just make sure it doesn’t extend from days of enjoying yourself into weeks of enjoying yourself.

Keep an eye out for daily Transformation HQ’s video tips to help you through December festivities.

Let’s make December of month of success rather than guilt.


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