Restore the Correct Mindset 

Mind management is the essence of life management – Robin Sharma

People often think your brain and body are separate when training in the gym – when in fact they are one.

When training you may think it helps to distract the mind from the exercise you are doing, however you will see much quicker results when you make the mind muscle connection.

This brain to body connection applies to mindset and attitude –

If you think “I can’t lift that weight” guess what, you are probably not going to lift the weight.

If you think “I always be fat because of genetics” guess what, you’ll probably be fat all your life

If you think “I’ll never be fit and strong” guess what….. you get the theme.

Think back to when you wanted something so bad and did everything to get there. Whether is was the house or car of your dreams, job you’ve always craved or relationship you wanted to be in.

I’m sure you told yourself “I WILL get that house…” and I’m sure you got that house.

You HAVE to apply this attitude to your training and nutrition – reframe that attitude and mindset and you will have the fitter, stronger, leaner body you can be proud off.

Now we want to hear from you “I will lift that bar off the floor” “I will prepare my weeks meal” “I will get the body shape I want”.

Don’t always put yourself down as anything with your body is possible when you believe it will happen.


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