Ever get disheartened when results slow down?

At Transformation HQ we see plenty of people either trying to train and eat for fat loss (inch loss) or muscle gain (inch gain).

At the beginning of their journey, they see some initial changes and the motivational levels rocket.

As the weeks progress and the body adapts, results will inevitably slow down.

This is your bodies survival mechanism. It won’t drop fat at a fast rate forever as it believes it will run out of reserves, so it slows your metabolism down.

It won’t keep adding muscle to your frame as muscle is an expensive weight to carry around so stores the extra energy as body fat.

At Transformation HQ we have the experience and techniques to keep fat loss and muscle gain going but it’s going to be a slower, more strategic process.

So, we need you to be more realistic about results –  We always bang on about taking measurements and photos. More often than not, people do not do it as its time consuming and an extra job to do.

They continue to not track progression and unsurprisingly just throw in the towel because the weight on the scales does not move. They could have actually lost or gained the inches they were wanting but because the scales stayed the same – they just gave up

The scale weight is not the only way of measuring success. Photos and tape measurements are the gold standard and tell the true story.

Use weekly or fortnightly photos, plus measurements of three problem areas to accurately track progression rather than solely using the scales.

For example, I take measurements of arms, waist and legs. It takes me 30 seconds to do and put on a note in my phone. Whilst my phone is out, I take a quick snap shot. If you are worried, there are apps now that can hide photos so only you can see them.

If you ever have a “throw the towel in” moment – take your photo and measurements and I can guarantee you will see a difference.

Regular measurements and photos are a MUST & once you see inches loss or gain (depend on your goal) – you’ll be even more motivated.


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