Want to be healthier, fitter, stronger & leaner in 2018?

Start to plan ahead for your successful 2018.

Don’t look for the latest “Fad diet”

Don’t believe the “abs in 5 days” workout plans.

These will be in abundance in January, they usually just end up making you starve yourself and over exercising. This will just result in a food binge and failure.

A successful transformation is success by making small changes consistently over a sustain period of time!

This leads to DRAMATIC body transformation that you can achieve in 2018.

If you’re a little lost with nutrition by the end of December going into January;

  • Stick to your Transformation HQ Meal plan. NO DEVIATIONS.


  • If you want a calorie update – times your weight in pounds by 12 to begin with. Stick with that for 4 weeks then ask me what you need to do next.


  • Book your sessions in for the next 4 weeks so you have a mental marker that you are prepared and organised for 2018.

Here’s to a positive 2018.


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