How to complete your 2018 health & fitness goal?

Have you set a health & fitness new year’s resolution?

I hope you have, as we all need a goal to work towards.

This could be to lose body fat…

Gain muscle….

Get stronger and fitter….

Make it as specific as you can with an end date otherwise it’s not a goal, it’s a dream.

It’s like driving with no map or broken sat nav, chances are you won’t make your destination.

You then need to make sure the new goal works for you.

For example, if your trying to tidy up your diet but you are craving burgers and chips! Make your own lean mincemeat burgers and sweet potato fries.

If you feel you have to grind out training sessions and be a “beast” in the gym and you feel that’s just not you…. that’s fine to be yourself. Get your training sessions done consistently over the next 6-8 weeks and you will be a hell of a lot closer to your goal.

It’s all about being smarter and make sure you enjoy the process towards your goal.

Here is to a successful 2018!


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