Why You Never Get Your Picture-Perfect Body Shape! 

We are just about to start our 12 week shoot at Transformation HQ.

The 12 week shoot gets results because it makes you stick to a plan for a time long enough to produce results.

If you flick from diet to diet & training plan to training plan, you aren’t giving yourself the chance to prove it works.

If you consistently stick to your diet & training plan for more than 2 weeks and closer to 12 weeks, you will produce results you thought were not possible.

Another reason for the success of the shoot is that it has an end date, a deadline, a finishing point.

Think back to when you said you wanted to get in shape? Was it just a hope or did it have a deadline?

With the new year well kicked in, you should have set yourself a health & fitness goal, making sure it has a realistic time frame, e.g. I want to see ab definition before march 2018, or drop 2 dress/jean sizes in 6 weeks.

Nothing works better for body shape goals than realistic targets set with an end date.

Tell your friends and family about your goal, better still, announce it on social media.

Your much more likely to achieve the goal when everyone knows you are doing it.

Your job today (if haven’t done so already) is to set your goal and give it an end date. Tell at least three people to keep you accountable and let’s smash them goals.

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