Transformation HQ Success Story : Marcin Yedynak

Marcin has gone through the shoot process twice now and the 2nd time he revealed an even better body shape with more ab definition.


  First Shoot                              Second Shoot

Happy with his first shoot, we encourage Marcin to slowly increase calories and focus on getting stronger, fitter and to add more muscle to his frame.

After a few months we saw Marcin had built plenty of muscle and was tremendously strong and fit.

We then put him through the 12 week shoot process for a 2nd time.

During the 2nd shoot process we kept Marcin lifting heavy & hard in session to maintain muscle, however at the same time we held Marcin in a caloric deficit over the 12 weeks.

If we can sustain this caloric deficit for a extended period of time we reveal the muscle that’s hiding behind body fat.

Marcin trained no more than 5 times a week, 45 minutes each session – he had to do NO slow steady state cardio.

Are you trying to reveal the muscle hiding underneath your body fat – we can help you chisel away the fat and sculpt the muscle to achieve a body shape like Marcin’s.

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