Ditch the excuses & be happy with your body in 2018

As you can imagine we have heard pretty much every excuse under the sun

No time to exercise….
Had to work late….
Kids weren’t behaving….
Car broke down…
Forgot lunch….

Guess what, there is a solution to each of these problems.

Do you want to have the solution? or do you want it to be an excuse so you can go off plan?

Those people who you compare yourself to or want to look like, they also had these obstacles.


They planned for such things to happen – meaning they achieved their body shape goal.

Have one or two solutions to any obstacles you know that may get in your way, then write them down. This will make you more likely to remember how to respond.

For example,

No time to go to the gym = walk to work, walk to the shops, walk the kids to schools.
Forgetting lunch = nearest shop or supermarket and pick up a salad, add sandwich meat.

Make a mental note or write down in your diary TODAY, what you will do in these situations – now you will stick to the plan!


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