Why one cake will make you fat! 

I have people say two different things me.

“I eat healthily but I can’t seem to lose weight?!” OR “I don’t eat a lot but I’m gaining weight?!”

Have you ever said the above?

If so, you need to act and write down what you are consuming.

Yes, it’s a bit annoying but so are years of being unhappy with your body shape.

Complete a 7-day food log and see if you really do eat “healthy” or “very little”.

More often than not, you are totally unaware of what you eat and its putting you in a caloric surplus = fat/weight GAIN.

Even if your meals are healthy, I’ve got news, it can still put you in a caloric surplus.

So just hold back when adding avocadoes to meals, whilst drowning salads and vegetables in olive oil etc.

I know a person is going to succeed with their body shape goal when they say;

“I can’t believe how much food I’m eating – AND I’m losing weight/inches”

This says to me, they are eating the correct foods that are satiating enough, yet putting you into a caloric deficit = fat/weight LOSS.

Take out high calories foods that are usually small in size and not very filling e.g. small cream cake.

Try to swap for larger food volume such as vegetables and lean protein.

One profiterole = 334kcal
Chicken breast, vegetables & small baked sweet potato = 345kcal

Which one is going to keep you fuller for longer?

THIS is the key to long term weight/fat loss.


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