Have you weighed yourself today? 

As you may be aware, at Transformation HQ we are NOT keen on stepping on the scales daily.

At a bare minimum, we will say you can weigh yourself once a week, and if you can your head around it, fortnightly as a minimum.

The reason being that most people believe, if that the scale weight does not lower then they are not progressing. You may even look slimmer/leaner, yet feel gutted as the scale weight hasn’t dropped.

Scale weight can dip and peak due to many factors such as;

  • You drank more fluid that day or day before
  • You have food in your body
  • You had salty foods the day before and have more water retention
  • You consumed to many “bad carbs” or over spilled on how many you should have been consuming
  • If you’re a woman, time of month can month can cause more water retention

Visual appearance through taking photos & measurements of troublesome areas always beat weighing yourself on the scale.


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