Is Eating Healthily Making You Fat?

Eating healthy food is seen as a way of burning body fat.

However, healthy foods cannot be seen as unlimited & guilt free.

You may have heard the saying eating more fat will make you burn more fat?!?

Let’s clear this up straight away.

Food CANNOT burn fat.

Ignore the faddy diets that claim can burn fat and make you drop weight.

Nevertheless, a healthy diet is something your body will love and HELP you lose body fat and weight.

Eating healthy to start with will help most people lose body fat and shape their bodies, although some people take this to the extremes.

Adding fruit to oats, adding avocadoes to already calorie dense meals, adding milk to protein shakes (whey powder is dried milk).

The simple answer to lose fat for the long term is:

You need to create a caloric deficit

This is achieved through creating an energy expenditure through exercise and consuming nutritious foods that equate lower than your maintenance level (body weight in pounds x 14)

Work out your maintenance calories with above formula – record your calories for a few days and see if eating healthily is getting you the body shape you want.


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