Don’t have time to prep meals or exercise?

Think you don’t have time to prep meals or exercise?

For 24 hours just monitor how many hours you spend watching television, messing around on your phone or scanning your social media timelines.

I’m 100% certain you can find 45-60 mins each day from time wasting activities. You can then replace that free time either to prep healthy meals or go to train at the gym.

If you have an iPhone got to settings/ battery, and it lets you know how much time your spending on apps such as Facebook. Or download an app that monitors how much time you spend frittering away on other apps. Have a look now – it may surprise you.

In this day and age, everyone has long demanding days, YET there are people out there doing 12-15 hours days 6 days a week, with a family but still find time to train and prepare their meals!

They achieve their body shape goals as they accept there will be obstacles such as lack of time. It’s how well they react to obstacles, rather than use them as a get out clause not to train or prepare healthy meals.

Ditch the excuses if you want the dream body, or accept the body shape you have from current bad habits.


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