How to beat the evening time cravings?

Your hard day at work is over.

You’ve finished all your house jobs for the day.

Evening meal made for the family and lunch prepare for the following day.

The moment you chill out on the sofa – the monster sweet cravings come calling!

Don’t panic and give into the cravings.

You are not alone, here is what you can do to smash them cravings.

Before we start the tips, it must be stated that the sweet junk foods should not be in the house if you’re a person who gives into these cravings.

However, if they are in the house for kids etc you can have a few tricks up your sleeve.

  • Your last meal of the day can have a portion of carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, quinoa, cous cous

The satiating feeling of carbs should stop the urge to consume poor foods after your meal, make all other meals protein and vegetables.

If you really can’t resist and still need a sweet treat, you could try;

  • Sugar free, low calories jelly
  • Small pot of a fruit Greek yoghurt
  • Low carb protein bars
  • Diet soda drink
  • Water and sugar free cordial

Be strategic not restrictive in the evening to smash them evening cravings.


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