The massive habit that you need to ditch

We are always asked which is the best food.. best exercise…  for fat loss.

We see more useless energy spent on whittling about the little things like “the best ab exercise” but totally ignoring the blow outs on booze and junk food at the weekends.

This is the main habit that needs to be knocked on the head.


Eating healthy and training intensely is all you need to worry about.

Rather than panicking if you’ve had the correct amount of hummus on your one carrot stick ha.

Worrying about the little things is taking away your effort and concentration on the main elements of feeling and looking well;

  • Eat a diet that’s nutritious and healthy 80% of the time
  • Training consistently with weights 3 or 4 times a week
  • Drinks lots of water
  • Sleeping well

Consistency with the main elements above for a sustain period of time gets results and stops you tormenting yourself about the minutiae.

Fretting about everything gets you confused, stressed & anxious.

Getting into amazing shape is simple, never the less it’s not easy. Don’t make it harder by overthinking a simple process.

Just stick to the above rules and you cannot fail – finally stop the overthinking and get the body shape you want.


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