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The only time you should avoid foods!

As you most of you are aware – we DO NOT ban any types of foods.

Life is too short and stressful as it is too avoid eating your favourite treats (in moderation).

However, there are times when foods should be avoided.

Either when you have an allergy to a certain food group or you hate the taste of a type of food

For example, if you really hate eggs – don’t eat them!

No need to force them down your neck and gag just because you believe it will make you look better.

It will eventually lead to a blow-out due to the thought of having a certain food group you detest.

Find the balance that suits you – there isn’t a “one size fits” all meal plan as we all have our likes and dislike.

Find the alternatives that work for you with a bit of trial and error. Or ask your (or a) trainer what alternatives you could have that will help you reach your goal.

For example, adding a mashed banana to eggs makes it taste sweet, add a scoop of protein powder and pan fry to make sweet protein pancakes.

There are always alternatives that will help you stick your healthy eating plan.

There is no reason ever to ban any type of foods from your eating plan.


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