Can Protein Make You Fat?


But please read carefully what I’m saying.

As we all know, protein is great to repair your muscles from workouts, its filling so stops you snacking and makes meals taste amazing.

Now companies have jumped on the band wagon and added the word “protein” to absolutely everything.

Even junk food!

I was ordering my protein powder and stumbled across a protein Easter egg. Curiously I thought that COULD be low in calories but it WASN’T.

The small egg alone was 826kcal!

It came with small two little protein chocolate bars which most people would eat after demolishing the Easter egg.

With the bars (572kcal) – total calories = 1398kcal

This could be a person’s (who is around 5 ft 3 to 5 ft 6) total daily calories – see how easily this little chocolate binge could ruin your whole weeks fat loss plan.

The lesson to learn is not eat with reckless abandon if its label with “protein”, be inquisitive and look at the calories it contains.


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