Whoops – I’ve had too much Guinness at the weekend!

Social events such as birthdays, parties, romantic dates, Christmas, etc are inevitable.

They are times where we socialise and unwind & are often demonised.

They shouldn’t be view as something you can never do as it will harm your body shape goal.

We CAN include these fun times into life as long as we balance out the negative damage caused.

For example, I may have had one or two Guinness’s this weekend due to a birthday event clashing with St Patricks day.

Clearly a load of Guinness won’t help me get abs.

However, I know I can undo the damage caused from the weekend over the next few days.

I will track and record my food/calories throughout the week (including next weekend). I will lower my calories ever so slightly (100kcal less each day), add in an extra workout this week and try to walk as much as possible.

These small, barely noticeable extra steps will create an additional 2000kcal burnt this week.

This will balance out my overindulging from the weekend.

We always say you cannot out train a poor diet but OCCASIONALLY we can reverse the damage of an accidental blow out.

If you find yourself trying to out train your weekends every week then we need to look a little closer as to why we keep having blow outs.


If it’s an unusual time you’ve slipped up, use the above plan and stay on track.


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