Still searching for the perfect diet?

Are you copying your mates new diet plan they bought online?

Is it a low-calorie diet you saw in a magazine?

Is it a new way of eating you saw on television?

Whatever excites you to try a new way of eating – ultimately is not the “perfect” plan your looking for, it’s the results your hoping the plan will help you achieve!

Sadly, there is a one size fits all diet plan.

Although we are all humans and made the same way with the same muscles, organs, digestive system etc, we all live different lives so your diet must reflect this.

If you keep trying new diet plans or strategies and you think they don’t work – it’s not the plan – it’s your adherence that’s the problem.

At Transformation HQ we are all about flexible dieting or being aware of foods/calories through food diaries.

This allows you to eat foods you thought were not possible to include on a diet. Its allows you to go out for meals with friends or family, its allows you to go to the pub for a few drinks.

80% of the time flexible dieting is eating health meals with lean protein and vegetables. This will make you feel satiated, its can be tasty, its working towards you goal and it fits around your family & work life.

20% of the time it’s for pleasure, where that’s having an ice cream with the kids, a few beers at the pub, desserts after a healthy meal – ALL WITHOUT THE GUILT.

Follow this principle to find “the perfect diet plan” that works for you and you only.


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