Is it possible to have too much protein

Possibly – however for fat loss it’s much better to spill over your protein rather than your fats or carbohydrates.

If you are consuming more calories than you expend – you will gain weight! Simple as that!

Strangely – if you go over your calories because you’ve consume too more protein – you may maintain your weight or even sometimes lose weight?!

This is due to the thermogenic effect protein has, your body really has to work hard to break down and digest protein.

Essentially meaning your body needs to burn more calories, increasing energy expenditure (calorie burn) when consuming a diet higher in protein.

Protein is also extremely satiating. Your body will feel full and less likely to snack on extra calories.

Now it must be said that protein can be turn in to glycogen (energy), and stored as body fat but this would take a huge amount of protein & is very unlikely to happen.

To make sure you in the right ball park with protein – aim for 1g of protein for every pound of body weight.

For me this 150lbs = 150g protein per day.

Sometimes I go over and somedays under but as long as it’s averages out at 150g I’m happy.

My body can repair muscles from workouts, maintain or even build a little muscle and it’s keeps my hunger in check.

Track your foods for a week and see how many grams of protein you consume and adjust for the simple formula above!


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