Why does the THQ 12-week shoot stop cravings

I always like to find out what cravings people have when they go through the 12-week shoot.

I’m intrigued to find out if its sweet or savoury?

Or even if there are any weird cravings!

Although the shoot is flexible in the first few weeks – as we progress we start to make sure there is as little junk food in the diet as possible.

This short-term elimination produces a body that looks leaner/slimmer and feels so much more better.

When people complete their shoot and we give them the weekend off – they then all go for the one thing they craved. Whether that’s a burger, crumpets, pizza, chocolate, cakes etc

The cravings list goes on but one thing always reoccurs!

Once they consume that “junk food” item, they didn’t like the taste like they use to and couldn’t eat all of it?!

Even though they have craved this item for many years, most of the time, they don’t ever go back to eating that “junk food” on a regular basis again.

If you keep feeding your body with cakes, biscuits, pizza etc every day – it will want it again!

However, a medium-term elimination (8-12 weeks) can cause the body (in particular the gut) from sending cravings to the brain for rubbish foods.

If you keep getting cravings for a certain food item – give yourself a little challenge and drop it for 8-12 weeks and see if those cravings disappear!


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