The one fat loss secret of building muscle!

I believe this is probably the top reason why training with weights is becoming so popular, but people don’t realise this one benefit!

A lot more people weight train now and particular females are now loving lifting weights as they understand that picking up a heavy barbell will not accidentally turn them into Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Lifting a big heavy weight from the floor actually makes you slimmer!

In fact, it’s really difficult to build muscle and it takes a hell of a lot of calories and strategic training to add muscle.

Body fat on the other hand is easy to put on, people often get confused when they see weight going up on the scales, panic believing it’s too much muscle. When in reality they are really adding more fat to their body and blaming muscle for the weight gain. However, this is another subject they I may rant about one day.

Back to the one fat loss secret of building muscle as I’m sure your dying to find out. To recap firstly;

We all know the benefits of building muscle;

  • it makes you look and feel great,
  • it makes you stronger, fitter and faster,
  • it increases your metabolic rate so at rest your burning more calories.

The one secret people don’t understand what building muscle can do is it allows your body to store more glycogen stores.

Glycogen simply is what your body breaks carbohydrates down into as a form of energy.

When you accidentally trip over and a pizza falls into your mouth at the weekend, your body will handle more of the carbs from that pizza than someone who doesn’t weight train.

This does not mean you can eat like a powerlifter but it does mean adding more lean muscle to your frame, your body will “absorb the mistakes” we all make.


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