Easiest way to stick to a meal plan!

Make it simple, boring and rigid!

Too often now we are looking for the best trick around making healthy food (that will make you leaner & slimmer) – taste like junk food.

Yes, you can make cauliflower pizzas, lean burgers and paleo cupcakes etc…
they are alternatives to actually eating pizzas, burgers and cupcakes.

However, they still contain calories and can be overconsumed just like normal junk food.

Why not stick to a meal plan of lean proteins, vegetables (and carbohydrates if you’ve weight trained that day) and then schedule in a REAL pizza, burger or cupcake once a week.

It tastes much better than the fake alternatives and it can be seen as a reward mechanism for sticking to a rigid plan.

Although, you must stay in control and have an only couple of slices of pizza, one burger, couple of small cupcakes if you don’t want to undo your hard work.

This elimination of daily “healthy junk food” will reduce calories and change your mindset of looking for an easy route.

The point I’m trying to make is that sticking to a rigid plan will teach you DISCIPLINE.

If you’re always looking for an alternative to what you know you should be eating, then a rigid plan maybe something you need to try.

If you’re always trying to push the boundaries of what you should be consuming then I believe you are consuming more calories than you think you are.

This could be the reason why your weight loss has stalled or your even gaining weight.

Thinking you’re eating “healthily” with alternative “healthier” junk foods.

Go and be tough on yourself and stick to a plan for 7, 14 or even 28 days and you will see what body shaping results you can create.

You will create a slimmer, happier, fitter & stronger body that you can be proud of. With a stronger mentality that can be DISCIPLINED when trying to improve a body shape.


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