Your fat loss task for this week!

Still confused with diet & exercise when trying to burn body fat?

It’s not surprising as the sheer amount of fat loss information on the internet now even boggles my mind.

Fortunately, I know what’s bullsh*t through years of trialling different fat loss strategies and then using the same successful techniques on our members.

I wanted to give you a few tasks that may seem simple, however, so many times I see people doing them wrong;

  1. See if you can reduce snacking to the bare minimum and stick to meals only – consume plenty of water and utilise caffeine in between meals.


  1. You should not be drinking extra calories – swapping sugary drinks for diet/calorie free options, taking sugar out of your tea and coffee & swap for sweeteners.


  1. Eat real foods that nourish the body and keep you satiated – lean proteins, lots of vegetables and add carbs if you have trained that day. Boring but it WORKS!


  1. Eating meals (particular meal prep) at similar times each day will create the good habit of routinely consuming the correct types of food to help you with your fat loss goal.

Fundamentally – the above tasks/ good habits create a caloric deficit (fat loss), but at the same time keep you full and less likely to binge on junk foods.

See if your failing on any of the tasks and improve where necessary to get you to your ideal body shape much quicker.


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