The best body fat tester

As some of you are aware we have recently changed our training routine.

This is to keep training fresh, exciting and to keep the body progressing.

We always included weight training as we know it’s the most time efficient way to shape the body.

In our programs we record our exercises.

This is not done aimlessly, it has a reason and we want you to progress with either heavier weights, more repetitions or both.

This shows you are getting stronger and fitter!

What often gets over looked is progression on bodyweight exercises.

Yes, this is still weight training, you do actually weigh something.

What I like to monitor when I’m trying to lose body fat is my body weight exercises.

I should be getting better at them progressively as the weeks go by, with the reason being I’m getting a little lighter.

This means my body is holding on to muscle and I’m dropping body fat – I’m shaping the body I want.

The next fat loss phase you go into make sure you keep an eye on pulls ups/dips/push ups and if you’re doing more repetitions each week – you are probably dropping body fat, whilst also getting stronger or a maybe a bit of both!


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