Accepting peer pressure stress of dieting

Have you ever wondered why diets work for other people but never you?

Seeing your mates brag about how many inches or pounds they have lost really annoy you?

Good it should do!

It means you care about your body shape & health and also want to lose weight etc.

This mindset of being upset/angered/triggered can sometimes apply to friends and family when you are trying to lose weight.

You know the ones who make you feel bad for trying to get into better shape.

The people who say “you need to live a little” whilst they shovel a load of booze and food down their necks to the point of obesity.

I never understand why people would abuse their body in this way.

I’m sorry but making your body fat and sick is hardly “living” as you can’t move very well, your ill all the time and feel like absolute crap because “you need to live a little”.

I understand how you feel when you’re on a new diet/ fat loss phase and feel uncomfortable around social eating situations.

When people question why you’re going for the chicken salad instead of the pizza.

So if you have a meal planned this weekend….. but also have current weight loss goal/holiday/shoot you want to look good for.

Don’t give into peer pressure, stick to your healthy eating plan, so when they see you looking great – you can be the one who brags about how many inches/pounds you’ve lost.

It may even inspire the discouraging person who puts you down and says “live a little” to finally get into shape themselves.


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