Routines produce body shapes

Routines create results!

This truly is one of the greatest sayings that applies to transforming a body shape.

Think about it – if you didn’t routinely brush your teeth twice a day they would probably fall out.

If you don’t routinely cut your hair, it’s going to look long, matted and messy.

It’s the same for looking lean/slim/ripped.

·       You must routinely make your gym sessions each week – we recommend 3/4 strength sessions a week

·       You must routinely make your meal prep – can be done for the week or on a day to day basis.

·       You must routinely drink water – 2-3 litres a day usually does the trick.

·       You must give your body rest – 7-9 hours sleep and at least one rest day a week.

All small routine habits you do daily do make a difference, not matter how insignificant they may feel.

This also applies to small bad routinely habits you have that you don’t think make a difference. I.e. couple a biscuit a day, slice of toast with jam, skipping workouts.

Keep focusing on the small good habits and you will achieve the body shape you want a lot quicker.

The more “small” good habits you develop – they soon add up to create more good than bad routines.
Focusing on the small steps that keep you moving forwards, rather than the overwhelming thought of how long it takes to get there.

Your body shape is a reflection of your current habits – ask yourself do you have more good or bad habits?


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