Eating healthily does not equate to fat loss

Transformation HQ has help many hundreds if not thousands of people lose weight, shape their bodies and feel great.

As you may be aware this is done through training people with weights and eating healthily.

So, when people first come to THQ, it’s quite common for them to say;

“But I do eat healthily” “I cook from scratch” “I eat well” but I never seem to lose weight?!

This may mean you are eating “healthier” ingredients but this can still mean your over eating.

Take this healthy, made from scratch breakfast;

1 Avocado (250kcal)
2 slices of sourdough bread (240kcal)
Tablespoon of grass fed butter (100kcal)

An avocado is good for you, sourdough bread is a slightly better option than normal bread, and butter that’s come from a healthy cow must mean weight loss, right?

What we shall be bearing in mind is all together they contain quite a few calories (590).

This is just a light breakfast as an example that healthy meals can still be caloric, imaging if you repeat this throughout the day on all meals.

Do you believe you eat well but still cant lose weight?

Just for 7 days – record your meals on myfitness pal and see what your average calories are.

If you consume more than 10 x every lb of body weight (e.g. 200lb = 2000kcal) then you will most likely be hitting maintenance or even weight gain!

Let me know what your averaging, message me your weight and I can give you a figure to consume daily that you will make you burn body fat/ lose weight


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