Dieting is a skill that needs mastering

At Transformation HQ we are huge advocates of flexible dieting.

It’s a way of including treats around a healthy, calorie-controlled diet.

We recommend people to use this way of eating to get results but a first we do recommend of going through a period of eating “stricter” or “cleaner”.

This develops good habits, reduces bad habits and shows how good it feels to eat better.

Never the less, flexible dieting is a preferred technique of ours as it relieves the pressure of “dieting”.

It’s also a way of sustainably eating better and can be used all year round.

If you’re unsure what flexible dieting is, its eating healthily 80% of the time and have 20% for pleasure.

Flexible dieting works even better if your track and record your calories, you can then make sure it’s just 20% pleasure and nothing more.

However, it takes time to master the skill of flexible dieting.

Just like it takes time to master the skill of exercising – particular weight lifting!

Think to the first time you squatted or if you’ve never squat before, think how would you approach a squat.

You wouldn’t just go to the barbell and put as much weight on as possible.

First you start with body weight squats making sure form is good.

When your form is perfected you then add a little more weight, this could be holding a plate or a pair of dumbbells.

Next step would be just using a bar on placing it on your back as you squat, you would then add weights as it gets easier.

This same mastery has to be applied to flexible dieting- there will be errors along the way as you experiment what works best for you.

You make small dietary changes over time that soon become 2nd nature.

Master this skill of flexible dieting and you will never look back.


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