Intermittent fasting! Is it for you?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a popular way of eating that works well for fat loss (for some people)

The method comes and goes with trends!

Currently its back “in” so I wanted to put my 2p in.

Mostly because a lot of people are panicking that they aren’t using intermittent fasting, they are now believing they are missing out.

First it must be stated that it’s no new secret fat loss method.

It’s been around forever, in fact we all do it every day.

When you sleep – we then break the fast when we get up and have breakfast – get it.

A popular time frame for IF is too fast for 16 hours and only eat in the other 8 hours.

Sounds like a long time but there is an easy way to do it.

If you have your last meal at 7pm, go to bed at 10pm and sleep for 8 hours. You can break the fast about 11am.

Intermittent fasting does work for fat loss if you find yourself over eating in the evening.

It reduces the time you are allowed to eat so it’s pretty hard to get excessive calorie down you.

However, if you like to have breakfast but still eat too much at night – just have a lighter breakfast such as 3/4 eggs scrambled, lean protein salad for lunch and big hearty meal for the evening.

Don’t panic about intermitted fasting as it isn’t a magic fat loss pill – it’s just a way of reducing your daily caloric intake. Which will always be key to weight/fat loss!


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