Ever hated a workout?

Ever said to yourself “Why do I do this to myself?” during a workout – as you drip with sweat, are out of breath, maybe lying on the floor in a heap!

Don’t panic – we’ve all been there, including myself.

Even trainers struggle with workouts.

We also have days where we struggle to find the energy to get motivated for a workout.

We also have session where we are not “feeling it”

We also have the same thoughts this workout is killing me.

But what gets me through these moments is that these types of horrible, crappy, poor performing workouts are the sessions that get me the body shape I want.

Not the really good workouts that your buzzing from – it’s the poor ones that get you your body shape.

Just think when you can’t be bothered to have a workout or find yourself not “feeling it” during a workout, that these moments people usually drop out.

They either skip the workout or worse walk out half way through.

Use the positive thought that the people never get in shape skip these times and YOU ARE THERE putting the shift in.

The poor workouts develop your attitude to be stronger for change, struggle and discomfort.

Giving you the mental strength to be resilient & determined until you get the body shape you want.


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