Why doesn’t eating less – exercising more work?

It’s a common theme you see in social media, magazines, television that to lose weight/body fat – you must eat less and exercise more.

Yet when people do this, their weight doesn’t seem to budge?

Strange?!?….not really, there is a reason why it doesn’t work.

Today I posted a screen shot of an email from a member that’s well worth looking for on Facebook & Instagram.

She was the typical person that comes to us for help that’s been starving themselves and doing endless hours of cardio & exercise classes.

Although doing classes 5 or 6 times a week and consuming less calories, produces some good fat/weight loss results to begin with – why does it then stall?

This is mainly due to the body & mind being very clever and more interested in survival.

After this initial loss, week 4,5,6 the body & mind then convinces the body it needs more calories (food).

This is where the binges & cravings take hold and more often than not – we cave in.

So in actually fact, you aren’t eating less – you’re eating the same as before you started to “get in shape”.

Another reason that just “exercising” doesn’t work is the fact there is very little progressive overload.

Although a slightly larger kettle bell, extra spin bike resistance, more reps can be added – the body is not challenge enough.

On the flip side, a big compound strength move such as a Barbell Squat will really challenge the body.

Smashing through weight loss plateaus by increasing intensity, weight, repetitions, adjusting tempo, adding drop sets, supersets and many more.

This is why we love strength training WITH progressive overload, we are always progressing to your goal.

At THQ, we change people’s attitudes to eating more and introducing weight training, once they see results – there is no turning back!


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