Protein Snack Ideas Under 150kcals

What’s the main advantage of a high protein diet when trying to lose body fat/weight?

A high protein diet makes it easier to feel full.

Meaning you will consume less calories over a day/week as you don’t find yourself hungry when high calories junk food is close by.

This is always the answer for long term fat loss = being in a caloric deficit.

If you feel hungry between meals I would question if you were eating enough and if you have consumed enough protein at your meal.

For example, rather than one egg for breakfast – 3 or 4 eggs plus a piece of bacon or salmon would be much better.

Keeping protein portions as the meals main component then add vegetables, adding carbs if you’ve trained that day.

Considering you ARE doing the above but still feel hungry between meals – SNACK ON PROTEIN.

Here are some high protein snacks that are under 150kcal you can use;

50g beef jerky = 134kcals = 19g protein
2 heck sausages = 100kcals = 19g protein
3 babybell lights = 149kcal = = 15g protein
1 scoop whey protein = 100kcal = 22g protein
Arla protein yoghurt = 120kcal = 20g protein
150g Fage 0% yoghurt = 97kcal = 18g protein

Dieting doesn’t need to be boring a bland – think outside the box!


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