Visualise the process – not the end result

Its Monday again and you may be re-setting your body shape goal.

You may have messed up nutrition at the weekend or even the whole of last week?

It’s that similar weekly pattern of setting a body shape goal – not getting to the goal – self sabotage with nutrition or alcohol!

When you’re a personal trainer you often get asked “how do I get abs?”

This to me, means they just want the end results and aren’t not willing to work for it.

I am more than willing to help people as it they really overcomplicated a simple process.

I will show and explain to them how to achieve a six pack – yet they still question further, as if I was hiding a secret new fat burning supplement or a perfect diet plan.

This proves they are a million miles away and need to re frame their attitude and possibly body shape goal expectations.

We all know the secret now to getting in great shape, as we’ve explained in our videos, blogs and posts over and over again;

Consistency with your nutrition
Consistently turning up to strength sessions
Consistency with recovery such as sleep & water

The main factor people need to fine tune is the journey in getting there.

Treat it like a road trip across Europe, you will see and feel a lot, there will be ups and down.

Never the less, the end result will just happen if you focus more on the journey & enjoying the process!


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