How I went on a stag do & lost weight!

We often see people beat themselves up when they have been on holiday, been on a stag/hen do or even just had a blip at the weekend.

They really shouldn’t as there is a simple solution.

A couple of weeks ago I went on a stag do which consisted of 3 days of beer & junk food, I didn’t track calories but I must have consumed up to 4000kcal a day!!

I will spare you any more details of what happen on the stag do….

At the same time, my goal was to “cut” drop body fat and look leaner.

I’m not huge on weighing myself, I prefer taking progress photos & inch measurements but I do weigh myself once a month or every four weeks.

I weighed myself on 14th May and clocked 67.4kg, this was two weeks before stag do.

Two weeks after stag do on 10th June I clocked in at 64.9kg!

A total of 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) lost with a 3-day bender in the middle.

The main point is – I did not feel guilty during the stag do and more importantly didn’t beat myself up, these times with friends are rare and must be enjoyed.

How was this achieved?? Simple, I plan & record (tracked calories).

I knew this stag do was coming up so I planned a head.

For a fat loss phase I would usually be anywhere between 1800-2000 kcal a day to see good results.

This average would not be enough once I consume the 4000kcal a day over the 3-day bender, so a simple adjustment & new target of 1600kcal every day over the 4 week period counterbalanced the overconsumption.

Clearly this is not the perfect way to get lean but it’s a technique to use if you know you have social events coming up soon, and you know you will “go off the rails”.

Do you need more help with what calories targets you should be aiming for?

Message me your weight in total pounds – what & when the next social event you have coming up and I will make you a plan!


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