THQ Photo Shoot Motivation Yes or No?

It’s been a fantastic weekend with the latest THQ photo shoot.

The standards of transformations have been really high this time, they really have blown myself and Carl away.

The discipline, hard work and consistency of sticking to the plan shown by the members means they are over the moon with their body shapes.

We release the happy posts and results (check our Facebook page from the weekend) to inspire and sometimes trigger you a bit!

We can all get stuck in a bit of a rut.

We need to see other people succeeded with their own transformations to make us get our act into gear.

If you’ve been stagnating you can either stay stuck in that rut!

OR – check out the results we’ve been posting and it will give you the shot in the arm to start this week off with a bang.

A week will then roll into a month and a month with roll into a quarter of the year.

Next thing you have that body you train so hard for all the time.

This week’s transformations post could be the motivational boost you need to “get back” or “final” get in great body shape.

Make sure you’re doing the basics;

Lean protein & vegetables at meals, add carbs if you’ve trained
3-4 strength sessions a week
Walk as much as possible
Drinking lots of water each day
Sleeping 7-9 hours every night

It really isn’t complicated getting in shape, but as I mention above you need to nail discipline, hard work and consistency.

I hope this can give the “beginning of the week low” motivation you needed.


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