Looking for more motivation?

Most people look for motivation externally, this could be scanning social media, watching YouTube videos, flicking through magazines, watching television.

Seeing that male/female who has the perfect look or body shape that you want to look like.

Although motivational videos and pictures can kick start your motivation – It’s only for the short term.

Long term motivation comes internally.

Have a think back to when you were last really motivated to eat well and exercise….

Or you can ask yourself;

Why do you want to get in shape?

Is it to feel better? Look better naked? Be stronger and fitter for the family?

That’s the inspiration that will keep you sticking to the plan for the long term.

This personal factor will make you go to the gym when you can’t be bothered!

This personal factor will make you say “NO” to temptations!

This personal factor will make your drop the bad habits and develop your new habits!

Of course, it’s difficult and it takes time to shape your body but your personal motivation factor should be at the front of your mind at all the time.

Today’s task is to ask yourself;

Why do you want to get in shape?

It’s the reminder you need to stick to the plan and you will get the body shape you wish for!

Next write this reason down in your phone and make it as your screen saver or write it on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge!

This will be all the drive you need to keep you motivated for the long term.


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