Given up on your body shape goal?

We need to set goals to keep us going in the direction.

I do this myself.

I pretty much know what my health and fitness goal is for certain parts of the year.

  • January to April –  maintaining my shape.


  • May to August – trying to get leaner.


  • September to December – trying to add muscle.

These are the bigger goals yet there are small adjustments within, adjusting for holidays & social events.

This makes my yearly plan sustainable as it fits in with what I’m doing at that time of the year.

For example, towards the end of the year there are more social events leading up to Christmas.

I will use the extra calories consumed and put them to good use to add a little more muscle to my frame.

This plan won’t work for everyone so you need to plan ahead for YOUR yearly goals.

As the above plan is 100% effective for me – YOUR PLANNED strategy will then be more successful.

Get a calendar – break it down into 3 or 4 parts and plan your personalised goal.

Don’t just say fat loss for all year round as your body does need back off/maintenance phases (this could be Christmas like I do)

Then break it down even further e.g. 10 weeks on fat loss phase and two weeks recovery/maintenance phase.

This yearly plan will then always be in your head and makes it sound more achievable, realistic & sustainable.

Rather than year after year chasing the same goal and getting fed up that you never get there – plan ahead more strategically.

In exactly one year’s time you will be healthier, leaner, bigger (if that’s your goal) but more importantly happier as you now have the blue print to final achieve your body shape goal.


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