Hold your hands up!

Who celebrated the England win this weekend?

I certainly did! You don’t often see England playing well & winning (if ever).

One too many beers or burgers sat in that sunshine?

The flip side to this brilliantly sunny weather, is that it makes us go out and do more, meaning consuming extra calories.

In your mind – you may be thinking today that you’ve fallen off the bandwagon and totally messed up!

Don’t be so harsh on yourself.

We all do this and its call being “normal”.

One or two bad days will not undo all your hard work – just like one or two goods days won’t get you abs.

All you need to do, is get back doing the things you know you should be.

You should also take a note of what made you go for a blowout….

Was it emotion?
Was it stress?
Was it hunger?

Learn from that mistake and see if there is a common pattern – you will then recognise when the signals for a blowout happen again.

For me it could be the England game on Wednesday evening where I know I will be far more sensible!

Let’s hope the football keeps on going the same way and we learn from our food/alcohol mistakes, not regret them!


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