Injuries are good for you!

Some of you may have seen me wearing an elbow support recently.

Occasionally, maybe once or twice a year, I get bad elbow pain.

This due to training hard and frequently, it usually appears when I’m in a prolonged calorie deficit (fat loss phases)

I believe it’s down to my body not getting enough calories/nutrients – so it struggles to repair as quick as it should do.

I did get the niggly pain and this was a warning sign that I ignored, when instead of backing off, I trained even harder.

Resulting in excruciating pain any time I touched or picked up objects.

So, I didn’t beat myself up and become depressed because I can’t train.

I was grateful for the injury!

Yes, I said that I was happy for the injury.

I asked myself what I can learn from this injury?

I realise I had been pushing too hard for too long so had a maintenance week.

I put my calories up to maintenance levels for a week (15 x weight in LBS), I did some self-deep tissue work, I trained my legs more (my weak point), I had one extra day of no training, one day I did hill sprints as something different, one other day doing a long walk.

The results in feeling positive from an injury = one week later my elbow is 95% better meaning I can get back to my old routine and push with my fat loss goal.

The lesson to take away, is to use the niggles & aches you get from training and look for the positives messages you can learn from it! This will give you the upbeat outlook instead of the frustrated and depressive feeling we usually get from little injuries.

Have a great week

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