Summer Sweet Treats Under 150kcals

I once used to believe that because I consumed sugar – I couldn’t burn body fat!

As if it took me out of the “fat burning zone”

5-10 years ago, this was the main advice from the fitness industry to stay away from all sugar & carbs and just eat protein and fats.

I totally fell for the trap as well – as I cut out sugar & carbs to lose weight/body fat.

What I now realise after years more research, testing on myself & proving results with clients – it was the total daily calories I dropped from cutting out sugar that made me lose weight.

I now know I can include something sweet or “naughty” ( I hate that phrase by the way ha) with full confidence I can still burn body fat.

If you keep under you daily calorie limit, have also consumed 3 meals a day with protein & veg for satiety, then you can absolutely have a sweet treat with your kids, partner or friends.

Here are some examples that you could easily fit in your daily diet, say you had 150kcal left and it was the end of the day or you out and about;

Calipso ice lolly = 100kcals
Fab ice lolly = 82 kcals
Pom bear crisps = 97kcal (not sweet but is another option)
Graze coco bite = 118kcal
Skinny cow chocolate mini dippers = 65kcsl
Small bag of Popcorn = 120kcal
Natural valley granola bar = 118 kcal

(These took me 2 mins to find on google, if you want treats and not to get fat, don’t be so lazy, get your phone out & google snacks under 150kcals)

However, if you’ve already used your daily calories or don’t know your calories it may not be wise to have these products.


If you have kicked the habit to stop eating so much junk food and you no longer crave items like above – then don’t force them down you. If you don’t consume or want it, you’ve created a bigger calorie deficit which means you will get results quicker.

What the message to take home is – there is are no good or bad foods. Be smarter and actually look at calories rather than going into denial mode and shoving your face with all sorts.

Not sure what calories you should be consuming? Weigh yourself in total pounds and times by 10! EASY!

Have a great weekend – maybe now with a few treats!

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