Emotional Eater? Don’t do this>>>

Buy and store junk food in your house.

Cakes, biscuits, crisps, pizzas – hyperpalatable but HIGH CALORIC foods.

We relentlessly say this to people – to which they nod and agree.

Yet the next supermarket shop you do, you find yourself wandering down the cakes and biscuits isles.

I sometimes see current and ex members browsing those isles so you are being watched haha!!

It must be stated we always say don’t eliminate foods and have treats included – but included strategically.

I also appreciate that you have to buy gifts, treats for kids etc and that’s cool…..

Never the less – you just don’t need to being putting extra crap in your basket as a reward for being good the last few days.

This same reward system then happens at home.

“I’ve eaten well today – so I’ll have a couple of biscuits”

Some people can do a couple of biscuits, most eat half a packet or maybe more!

If you are an emotional eater and look to food as a quick high or stress release & you want to lose some unwanted inches & pounds, junk food should not be in your house.

Organise it so that if you want to binge on junk food – you have to go out and buy it. More times than not you won’t and the moment will pass.

Meaning you don’t overeat that day (in particular weekends).

Anything else in your cupboards now that could derail your body shape goal – give it away and ditch the chance of an emotional junk food binge!

Have a great weekend – check your cupboards todays!


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