Hard work vs. short cuts

I get it, we all want results faster and looking for the latest hack or short cut seems a tempting idea.

Carl made a great video from patterns we have noticed, that the more a person moans about everything under the sun – usually they have put the least effort in to transforming their body.

Watch the short video here https://www.facebook.com/carlabsolutemuscle/videos/1293435720791852/

Losing body fat is difficult as it takes time for you to plan your training and nutrition, it takes sacrifice and some discomfort when you get a little hungry, plus missing out on some social events.

This struggle and hard work is where most people GIVE IN and go back to old habits, it’s also the point where people who have great body shapes knuckle down and work harder.

If we look at the bigger picture, we cannot undo years and years of habits that make us fat, sick and unhealthy and expect a 7-day fat loss plan & detox tea to solve all your problems.

Putting in the graft and hard work will always trump the latest hack or short cut.

The reward of working hard and play the long-term game will mean your results LAST because you now have the knowledge, experience and insight of what it takes to get into great shape.

So, if you’ve been constantly GIVING IN and restarting your body shape goal – this is your message you need to keep pushing and work hard.

If you have been knuckling down and working hard, this is your pat on the back message to keep on powering through. Meaning this week, we will all be a bit closer to our body shape goal!

Have a great week.

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